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More than 300 images per month ? Benefit from a tailor-made service.
Simataï Factory
With 20 years of experience in digital image processing, Simataï asserts itself day by day as the French specialist in product image editing for e-Commerce.

Simataï Factory offers personalised and tailor-made services to clients who handle more than 300 images per month. Our customers are among the biggest e-Commerce companies in the world.

With our expertise, our cutting-edge management tool and our production units in different time zones, we can process more than 100,000 images a month to a high quality.

Our collaborative tool Simataï Factory allows you to monitor your order in realtime. You can easily annotate your images so we can retouch them according to your specifications. If you are not happy with the result, you can always send them back to production. It’s satisfied or redone!

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