Our expertise

Simataï, expert in editing product images for e-Commerce and MarketPlaces, offers its French and international customers high quality clipping path and retouch services, online or tailor-made.

We build a real partnership with our clients which include: web agencies, photo studios, online stores, photographers, photogravure companies or graphic and web designers. We guarantee high quality work at a competitive price. Every photo clipped with the pen-tool and retouched by our team goes through a quality check before we quickly deliver it back to the customer.


Our teams

Stéphane Ledoux

Stéphane LEDOUX

President and founder of Simataï, Stéphane Ledoux is passionate about photography and pictures. After having spent 15 years in photography labs and agencies, he found himself a new goal: make Simataï your ideal, discreet, and effective partner, who is present when you need them.

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Our technical and commercial teams

Sarah El Hakimi

Sarah El HAKIMI – Quality and Process Manager

With her talent for design and artistic flair, Sarah is a real asset to our team. She overlooks the process with expertise and ensures the quality with rigour and good mood.

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Priscille Capeyron

Priscille CAPEYRON – Sales Manager

With her background in decoration, Priscille brings her feel for aestheticism and a high level of service to Simataï’s customers. This creative all-rounder, located in Marseille, will shine a light on each of your projects.

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Stephane Sao

Stéphane SAO – Community Manager

With four years of experience as a blogger and youtuber, Stéphane joined the adventure in 2015 as our Community Manager. With his excellent writing skills, he keeps the Simataï community up to date.

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Our international teams

Chung Nguyen

Chung NGUYEN – Production studio manager Vietnam

Age is nothing but a number. This is what Chung proves every day, managing her team with excellence at such a young age.

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Moez Marrakchi

Moez MARRAKCHI – Production studio manager Tunisia

Temperamental, charming and always cheerful, Moez develops innovative solutions to bring an image to its maximum potential.

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Inge Koster

Inge KOSTER – Manager Benelux

Globetrotter, Inge has settled down in the Netherlands where she originally comes from. She is the bridge between our Paris office and the one based in the Netherlands. She supports our Dutch and Belgian customers with their projects.

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Our expertise worldwide

openspace1-1Over the years our teams in Paris, Vietnam, and Tunisia have developed a great expertise in image editing and therefore provide an excellent and consistent service. By working in different time zones we deliver with sharp deadlines.

We are very aware of the importance, and need for socially responsible entrepreneurship.
Our teams are continuously trained to stay up to date with the latest techniques in photo editing.

The technical means employed

Simataï is constantly innovating to keep up with the requirements of e-Commerce. We have unique and powerful online tools for managing and securing your data. Through a collaborative tool and a secured data flow, our customers have a realtime view on their orders, making remote image editing possible.
Our internal management tool assures optimum workflow by allocating the available resources efficiently to the pending workload.


Our clients talk about us

Simataï ensures a follow-up, quality and a linear postproduction of our images, no matter the quantity of pictures we entrust. The reactivity and the quality of the customer service are consistent and delivery deadlines always met. The volume of images we deal with in the e-Commerce imposes a quality partnership.

No matter the complexity of the image (and that is often the case with art objects), Simataï provides us with high quality work within deadlines.

Simataï provides a high quality clipping path job in a very short time. The editing work on textiles «ghosts» is just perfect.